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Gerry Hale Osteopathy and BodyTalk
in Kentish Town and Camden, North London

Osteopathy and BodyTalk in Kentish Town and Camden


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Kentish Town Osteopath Gerry Hale has always been interested in helping people “get better”. He worked in London for 17 years as a Community Mental Health Nurse. This rewarding work gave him many insights into the challenges and struggles faced by people in day-to-day life. Having seen so often the destructive effects of mental health issues upon the body, and conversely how physical incapacity impacts on peoples’ psychological and emotional equilibrium, Gerry wanted to explore further this interrelationship between mind and body. He felt that he had more to offer, and so decided on a mid career change into Osteopathic training and eventually into BodyTalk. Now that he is back in the Camden and Kentish Town area, Gerry is keen to develop his Osteopathic services for the local area, and to develop Bodytalk in North London.

"I have been having from Gerry, Osteopathy and Bodytalk treatment in conjunction with each other for the last few years and it has made a huge difference to my well being. Osteopathy is good on its own as is Bodytalk, and well worth having either treatment from Gerry. But when Gerry combines the two in a session, the results seem to be more lasting and impactful." - Adrianne Carter, General Manager, SBXL


As an Osteopath, Gerry has been continuously impressed at how effective osteopathy can be in removing pain, improving body function, and alleviating or even removing chronic conditions. In training to be an osteopath, we learn how to work structurally, imposing appropriate change to the body, especially when the patient’s tissues are lacking in vitality and slow to make the changes back to health. Then with further experience and developing sensitivity, osteopaths learn to work side by side with the body’s innate intelligence or wisdom, together releasing strains, rebalancing and revealing the health that is somewhere there within. It is a privilege to be able to help facilitate these changes from tissue dysfunction back into healthy tissue; learning to work with the membrane system, the fluid systems and neurological systems.

As an experienced osteopath, Gerry can offer help with various conditions:-

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Neck pain
  • Frozen Shoulder and other musculoskeletal conditions
  • Arthritis

  • BodyTalk

    Then Gerry was introduced to BodyTalk. The BodyTalk system confirmed Gerry’s awareness of just how much our beliefs and emotions impact on the way our body functions. With the incorporation of Chinese medicine concepts it became easy to see how a person’s beliefs about him/herself in the marriage, or in the career, or in the bitterness of past traumas, could compromise for example joint and organ function, and how with the BodyTalk approach, these beliefs can be addressed and resolved, leaving a return to full function, sometimes instantly. Advanced BodyTalk leads us towards working beyond the physical levels to consciousness and energy levels.

    Gerry has found that the detailed anatomy and physiology, and physical skills obtained from his osteopathic training, seems to make the BodyTalk sessions work better, and vice versa. He now uses osteopathy and BodyTalk on their own, or he integrates them, depending on the patient’s views, and on the clinical need. Gerry always tries to work with the person’s innate intelligence for better results.

    The Mindscape Technique is taught by the IBA, as a way to enhance creativity and intuition, and to refine the use of the five senses in visualisation. It is a fabulous tool that can be applied to almost any task or project, for personal health or in business. Gerry uses Mindscape in his work as much as possible. He finds that it greatly facilitates his work. The founder of BodyTalk Dr John Veltheim, maintains that the most significant levels of proficiency are achieved when intuition is integrated into the treatment.


    If you're looking for an osteopath / BodyTalk practitioner in the Camden / Kentish Town area, Gerry's Kentish Town Studio is close to both Kentish Town and Camden Road train stations, and also Camden tube station, in North West London, For a map, click here.

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