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Gerry Hale Osteopathy, PSYCH-K® and BodyTalk
in Kentish Town and Camden, North London

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Osteopathy, PSYCH-K and BodyTalk in Kentish Town and Camden

Welcome to Health Resonance - Osteopath, PSYCH-K Facilitator and BodyTalk practitioner for Kentish Town and Camden.

If you are suffering from a debilitating condition such as acute neck pain, back pain, frozen shoulder, or arthritis and you live in the Camden and Kentish Town area then we can help! Osteopaths can often help with persistent headaches or migraines, and also shoulder and elbow pain, or “tennis elbow” that is linked with back and neck problems. Osteopathy also helps with:

•nerve pain (eg sciatica)
•joint pains,
•repetitive strain injuries
•muscle spasms, and
•minor sports injuries and tensions.

With 20 years experience as an Osteopath, Gerry Hale, of Health Resonance, has achieved excellent results treating all of these conditions using the latest techniques in osteopathy, which focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders and can lead to improved overall general health. Because osteopathy is a holistic therapy, we assess and treat not only the problem area that is presented, but also if relevant, other areas, in order to locate and treat the original cause of the symptoms.

Sometimes the actual causes of our symptoms are far away from the site of pain. For example a knee pain may be linked to poor hip function or poor foot function or issues in the lumbar spine.

Gerry will take a thorough case history and during the examination he will carefully assess posture, range of motion of joints, muscle weaknesses, and look for under-functioning of relevant parts of the nervous system.

Gerry uses a range of osteopathic techniques including structural and the cranial approaches, in order to increase joint mobility, relieve muscle tension, promote blood and lymph flow and encourage the body’s own healing mechanisms in order to return health and vitality to the dysfunctional area.

"I have been having from Gerry, Osteopathy and Bodytalk treatment in conjunction with each other for the last few years and it has made a huge difference to my well being. Osteopathy is good on its own as is Bodytalk, and well worth having either treatment from Gerry. But when Gerry combines the two in a session, the results seem to be more lasting and impactful." - Adrianne Carter, General Manager, SBXL

Having recently returned to the Camden and Kentish Town area, Gerry is also pioneering the technique of BodyTalk locally, taking a holistic view to our physical ailments by exploring the connection between our beliefs and attitudes and our bodies.

Used separately or in conjunction with his osteopathy, BodyTalk enables Gerry to explore the ways in which psychological and emotional issues disrupt our body’s natural healing process.

Gerry is also a trained practitioner in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, a gentle massage which can naturally reduce pain, speed up healing and induce a sense of wellbeing and calmness.

Gerry is fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council and the Institute of Osteopathy


If you're looking for an osteopath / BodyTalk practitioner in the Camden / Kentish Town area, Gerry's Kentish Town Studio is close to both Kentish Town and Camden Road train stations, and also Camden tube station, in North West London, For a map, click here.

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