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Gerry Hale Osteopathy and BodyTalk
in Kentish Town and Camden, North London

How we do it

What is Osteopathy?
If you suffer from lower back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder syndrome, a sports injury or troublesome arthritis, then a visit to an osteopath can bring you the pain relief and mobility that you and your body need.

Osteopaths work by focussing on your body’s bio-mechanical system – the way in which your bones, ligaments, muscles and joints function together, and all of this in relation to the nervous system and blood system.

If you are suffering pain and a lack of function, there is obviously a problem or fault hidden somewhere within your body’s machinery – and not necessarily at the point where it hurts! - so it is up to your osteopath to identify it and then work to rectify it.

We do this by using a wide range of gentle manipulations, such as soft tissue massage or joint articulation, in order to reduce the tension, stretch your muscles and get your joints moving again.

Getting started
We begin by giving you a full medical assessment, asking you about your medical history, your day-to-day routine, your diet and any events in your life which might affect your health. We’ll check your pulse, your reflexes and your blood pressure – everything we need to understand you and your body as individuals.

Then we move onto your posture. How do you stand? What hurts where when you move your body? We use touch to find those areas that feel sensitive or tight and, once we have identified the problem, we will diagnose your condition.

Be assured, if we do not feel that osteopathy is the correct solution for you, we will tell you, and will refer you to someone else or to your GP for further investigations.

If we decide it can help you, we will get to work. Our work is not painful but you may hear a click now and then – this is harmless and no different to someone cracking their knuckles – as we restore dysfunctional tissue into healthy tissue, working with every aspect of your body, from your joints and bones to your fluid systems and membrane systems along the way.

We may also discuss exercises that you can do to improve your posture and movement in your workplace and everyday life.

We will even discuss with you how the BodyTalk technique – which Gerry uses to explore the psychological and emotional causes behind your conditions – might be able to help you.

If you live in the Camden and Kentish Town area and want to know more, contact us here or ring our Kentish Town Studio practice on 07966 501413.

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