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Gerry Hale Osteopathy, PSYCH-K® and BodyTalk
in Kentish Town and Camden, North London

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About BodyTalk

Treating your body and your mind

Every day, osteopaths identify and relieve a host of painful conditions such as neck and lower back pain, frozen shoulder or arthritis, or injuries picked up through sport or everyday life.

However, Gerry is unique in Camden and Kentish Town and is one of just a handful of osteopaths in the UK whose work leads him to explore how his patients’ emotions and thoughts may be taking their toll on their body’s ability to function.

This holistic approach is called BodyTalk, a technique which is fast becoming popular – and is rumoured to have been used by Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey – among patients who are discovering that, in a nutshell, what they think and what they believe, affects what they do. BodyTalk is described as “state of the art, energy medicine for the future.”

Gerry’s engagement with the BodyTalk system is a direct result of his former work as a Community Mental Health Nurse in London, when he observed first-hand the destruction that mental health issues wreaked upon people’s bodies – and conversely, how physical problems affected their well-being.

Wanting to help them, he retrained as an osteopath, qualifying in 1996 and then going on to train as a BodyTalk practitioner so that he could apply its principles to his work.

According to the BodyTalk system, anything that preoccupies us emotionally, be it relationship difficulties, a traumatic experience, indecision or depression, will manifest itself physically, often in a specific place. Our every ache and pain is a reflection of our life story, from our genes to our upbringing, to our day-to-day circumstances, and the disruption caused by an unsettled mind will disrupt the body’s natural healing process.

This is why those niggling or more serious physical issues we experience can stubbornly refuse to subside. Physical treatment can only do so much - if we can address the underlying psychological or emotional issue, suggests the BodyTalk principle, we clear the way for the body to heal itself.

This is how we can change people’s lives: by gently bringing clarity to a dysfunctional situation through dialogue with the person’s body and subconscious mind.

Gerry has found that using the BodyTalk system in combination with osteopathy brings optimum results. If you live in the Camden and Kentish Town area and want to know more, contact us here or ring our Kentish Town Studio practice on 07966 501413.


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