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OP2G is an amazing, revolutionary method for eliminating PAIN.


Pain occurs to bring something to our attention.

A neural pathway is instantly set up in your brain to create this pain. Once we are aware of this message, and are prepared to act on it, the pain is no longer necessary, for it has served its purpose. We have acute pain, and we have chronic pain. In this instance “chronic pain” is regarded as pain that is no longer useful.

Often the neural circuit stays active, even though the original problem is resolved. (Think of phantom limb pain. The arm has been amputated but you can still feel intense pain in the thumb.)

With the OldPain2Go approach, it is possible to clearly differentiate the pain that is not serving the person any more, and by harnessing the resources within the mind, to either remove that neural pathway entirely, so that the pain is eliminated, or to dial down the intensity of the pain so that it becomes liveable with.

This process is completely safe, for it actually removes the outdated pain signals, rather than numbing the area, so that any new pain will of course still be noticed.

Further information and videos are available at www.oldpain2go.com

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